Valentine's Day is approaching and you want to surprise your beloved with an original Valentine's Day gift.

A surprise that will once again show the man of your heart how important he is to you and how much you love him. But which is the most spectacular and suitable gift for Valentine's Day? We have selected a variety of romantic and unique gift suggestions to help you choose.

Idea #1: A box full of sweet love explanations

This idea is especially suitable for people who love chocolate, i.e. for 99% of the Earth's population - you can't go wrong. But you'll have to time it very well. You'll need it to recall your labor and technology classes. To assemble the whole surprise, you'll need a suitable box, the favourite flavours of the person the gift is for (it's important they're in individual wrappers), and small pieces of paper. Prepare kind and sincere messages that answer the question "Why do I love you?". Write them on the slips of paper, fold them into small notes, and place them in each of the pre-wrapped candies. Wrap the candies again and place them in the box with a dainty ribbon. Voila! This idea is great for both a gift for a man and a gift for a woman!

Idea #2: "I love you the way you love..."

Chips? Coffee? Wine? Beer? Whatever it is, prepare a complete list of the goodies you know your significant other loves to eat and drink. And it's time to go shopping! Choose a beautiful and big enough box to put all the surprises in so that it's unpredictable what's inside. Use an impressive ribbon and leave a card with the message that started this idea. It's a playful way to show how well you know your loved one. But if he's the kind of person who prefers highly emotional and romantic gifts that will remain a memory long after, then idea number 1, a personalised StickUp artistic portrait, is a better Valentine's Day gift. Judge well.

Idea #3: Perfume is an emotion

Perfume is no ordinary gift, it is a sensual gesture of attention that evokes emotion and never leaves us indifferent. If you want to deliver an emotion to the woman you love, give her a fragrance that describes her - gentle, sensual, deep, penetrating, enchanting. No woman can resist a fragrance that complements her and leaves her mark wherever she goes.

Idea #4: Spa treatment

Pamper your sweetheart with a few hours at the spa. We're confident you won't regret it. The treatment can be as varied as a facial, hair treatment, chocolate massage, ... Mmm, she'll smell great afterwards. "The possibilities are numerous, and your other half will undoubtedly feel like a queen...or a king."

Idea #5: Yacht Cruise

Have you ever been on a romantic yacht ride? You can learn to steer the yacht yourself or enjoy a relaxing ride with a loved one. "Feel like a couple from the movies as you steer your sailing yacht or just enjoy the beautiful scenery."