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Speech for Broadcast

Donald Macleod presenting Composer of the Week for BBC Radio 3The Classical Recording Company‚Äôs purpose-built speech studio provides the ideal location for speech recording of between one and three voices. Regularly used by the BBC, it has all the facilities you would expect in terms of talk-back and cuing, and is tie-lined to both of our SADiE equipped post-production suites for direct to disk recording.

We also have high-quality equipment for recording speech on location, indoors or outdoors, as well as comprehensive rigs for location drama work.

One new development is remote production; by integrating voice-over-IP into our comms equipment, the producer may do his/her job from anywhere with a PC and broadband connection. This could be from their office, at home, or even on the beach! - [REMOTE PRODUCTION]

Speech Studio:

  • 64 square foot
  • Silent ventilation
  • Sound-proof / acoustically treated
  • Acoustic table
  • Ideal for presenter and up to 2 contributors
  • Red light/cue light/talk-back/cue program
  • Tie-lined to two recording/editing rooms (audio & video)
  • Direct to disk recording or to CD-R/DAT/Minidisc

Location Speech Recording:

  • Portable Minidisc based stereo (AB/MS) rig with Canford pre-amps
  • Booms / Rycote windshield / closed headphones
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