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Simon Weir - Photograph by Gavan Goulder - Weir studied physics, electronics and music at Exeter University, before joining BBC Radio in London. There he worked in network radio and the Maida Vale studios, before joining Radio Outside Broadcasts, where he was the department's only specialist digital recording engineer, working principally for Radio 3. On becoming a freelance producer/engineer in 1989, he established The Classical Recording Company, to provide digital location recording and post-production facilities throughout the classical music industry.

From the start, the company's aim was to provide the highest possible quality with total reliability, at a realistic cost, and this was instrumental in 1990 when the company was a UK finalist in the Shell-Livewire Awards, and was heralded as "one of the most promising companies in the UK". Now working principally as a producer/editor, he oversees the day to day running of the company and travels throughout the world producing recordings. Simon is also an experienced photographer, working with corporate, fine art and stock images.

Beth PunterBeth Punter started her working life at BBC Radio 3. She worked in Radio Presentation for two years, followed by six years as a Production Assistant working on wide range of programmes. She joined CRC in 1998 as Production Manager dealing with the day-to-day running of the office and scheduling as well as Project Management and engineering of speech studio sessions. She is most clients’ first point of contact.


Morgan RobertsMorgan Roberts graduated from the ‘Tonmeister’ course at the University of Surrey and was awarded the AMS Neve Discretionary Prize for Most Natural Sounding Classical Recording. After a spell at the now defunct Euphonia, he joined CRC in 2001 and enjoys a variety of rôles from balance engineer to music editor. Morgan also has a good deal of experience of mixing and mastering radio programmes for the BBC, including CD Masters (R3), Random Edition (R4), In The Works (R3), Workaday World (R4), Icons (R3), Lance Corporal Baronowski’s Vietnam (R4) and What sweeter music (R4). He joined the Institute for Broadcast Sound in 2003. Having been in choirs since childhood, Morgan now sings with the London Concert Choir.

Campbell Hughes won scholarships to study music in London and Italy before joining the BBC in 1964. Although involved from its outset he joined the CRC in 1994 after 30 years as a music balance engineer and producer in BBC radio.

There he worked on virtually all forms of music ranging from plainsong to the Last Night of the Proms. As well as Folk, Ethnic and World music he has also specialised in Avant Garde and Electronic music recordings and has worked extensively in Opera, Music-theatre and Drama productions. His work has taken him to most of the major recording venues in the UK as well as locations throughout Europe and the USA. He has won 3 Sony Radio Awards, 2 Prix Italia nominations and various other Radio Festival Awards and Prizes. Throughout his BBC career, he continued to work as a freelance record and CD balancer and producer, and has received several Grammy nominations. Although trained as a musician, his life-long interest in electronics has enabled him to design and build several items of specialist equipment for the company. In the last 10 years he has played a large part in most of the major productions undertaken by the company, both in the UK and abroad.

For manufactured CD productions, we use freelance designer, Terry Shannon for visuals, layout and design. Over the past 20 years Terry has designed over 600 classical covers for, amongst others, Hyperion Records and Unicorn Records as well as bookwork for companies such as Usborne Publishing and Dorling Kindersley.

Bertram KornacherBertram Kornacher, director of our sister company Cable Musical, trained as a "Tonmeister" on the prestigious University course in Berlin, where as well as doing many practical recordings as both music balancer and producer, a wide knowledge of both musical and technical subjects are taught. After several years working in Germany as producer and music balancer in Berlin (Schalloran Studio) and Cologne (Radio WDR) he moved to Spain and established the recording company Cable Musical.

Among its clients are major record companies, orchestras and chamber groups throughout Europe and the company also produces recordings and independent editions of CDs for private clients and public institutions.

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