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Recording for Schools

Since our inception in 1987, The Classical Recording Company has regarded CD production for schools as an important part of our services and we have run many projects for both private and state schools at primary and secondary level.

Often such recordings will include repertoire designed to reflect the wide range of musical activities within the school. Typical sessions might include choral and orchestral repertoire together with chamber music, jazz, readings, drama and even the school pop group - we will arrive equipped for all eventualities!Richard Gooding, Director of Music, Central Newcastle High School, March 2006

Whilst we always aim to get the best possible performance during the sessions, we also understand the need for the recording to be a positive learning experience for the students (and staff!) and hope that all participants will enjoy the process, whatever their standard. We also encourage the widest possible participation with the whole school involved in some way or another – this might mean anything from singing the “school song” to a school-wide competition to design the CD cover – in the end the wider the involvement the more CDs will be sold.

School CDs are not only for sale to parents and friends but should also be seen as an important marketing tool for the school. To this end we offer a unique School CD-Extra which, as well as conventional audio, can contain a complete electronic copy of the school’s prospectus.

Some of the schools who have recorded with us:

  • Central Newcastle High School
  • Clayesmore School, Dorset
  • Dollar Academy, Scotland
  • Downe House, Berkshire
  • Dragon School, Oxford
  • Kings College School, Wimbledon
  • Kingswood School, Bath
  • Holy Trinity School, Guildford
  • Portsmouth Grammar School
  • Rikkyo School, Sussex
  • Royal Grammar School, Guildford
  • St Edward’s School, Oxford
  • St Mary & St Anne, Abbots Bromley
  • Warwick School
  • Westminster School
  • Westminster Under School

Case study: Westminster Under School

In 1994 we made one of our first school CDs “Laudate Pueri” with the choir of Westminster Under School (WUS). Some eleven years later, having worked several times since with the Upper School, we were invited back to WUS to produce a second CD before the choir went on tour to Brazil in the spring of 2005.

Recording took place over two weekends in one of the Upper School halls and included repertoire for choir with organ, string quartet and piano, conducted by head of music Jeremy Walker.

We produced 500 CDs with a 6 page booklet well in time for the Brazil tour and the school were delighted with the result.

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