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The Classical Recording Company Ltd.The 10 Best Love Songs of All Time

Love songs are loved by many people because they talk about matters of love which appeal and apply to everyone. They make you feel good. You can dedicate them to the person you love. Many artists compose love songs. Not all the songs they sing stand the test of time. They release songs, become hits and after certain duration, they are gone. Other love songs continue to appeal to the ears of many music enthusiasts regardless of when they were composed and produced. These are the love songs of all time. Have a look.


Endless Love


This amazing love was composed by Diana Rose and Lionel Richie in 1981. It appeared on music charts as the number 1 song for 9 weeks. Lionel Richie was asked by producer John Peters to come up with an instrumental that matches the lines of the theme in Love Story for a certain movie called Brooke Shields. Director Franco Zeffirelli changed his mind and told Richie to include lyrics. This is how they came up with this wonderful love song.


I Will Make Love To You


This nice song was composed by Boyz II. It featured on music charts as number 1 song for a period 14 weeks. Many people loved it. The song is still listened to up to date despite its release in 1994. It was composed by Babyface.


We Found Love


This beautiful love song was sang by Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris in 2011. The song talks about finding love in a place where there is no hope. It became a massive hit and is regarded as the best love song of the 21st century.


How Deep Is Your Love


This nice song was composed by Bee Gees, a group consisting of arts such as Barry, Maurice and Robin. It was recorded and released in 1977. It was number on Hot 100 chart for 3 weeks. The song was intended for film but manager Robert Stigwood maintained that they record the song for themselves.


Silly Love Songs


For 5 good weeks, this remarkable song took number 1 position on Hot 100. It was recorded in 1976. It was written and sang by Wings. The song was appreciated by many people.


I will Always Love You


This great song was sung by Whitney Houston. It was released in 1992 and took number 1 position on Hot 100 for 14 weeks. It was a big hit and many music enthusiasts enjoyed it.


Let Me Love You


The song was a massive hit in 2005. For 9 weeks, it retained number 1 position on Hot 100 music chart. Let Me Love You was composed and written by Mario. He didn’t know that it would be big. It was so emotional and many people still love it up to date.


Because I Love You


It was sung by Stevie B in 1990. It was number 1 on Peak 100 for 4 weeks. The writer of the song, Warren Allen Brooks said that it was a spiritual song about his relationship with God.


Best of My Love


The song was sung by Emotions in 1977. It took number 1 position on Hot 100 chart for 5 weeks. It was written by White.


I Can’t Stop Loving You


This exemplary love song was sung by Ray Charles. It appeared number 1 on Hot 100 for 5 weeks. People still enjoy the song up to the present day.




In conclusion, the above are the 10 best love songs of all time. They are touching, emotional, educative and entertaining. This explains why they have managed to stand the test of time. Download and listen to them. You will enjoy.


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