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Broadcasting of Concerts Lip-ribbon microphone & stopwatch

For more than ten years, The Classical Recording Company has been providing regular location recording facilities to BBC Radio for the live or deferred relay of concerts and recitals throughout the UK.

With highly experienced staff and an extensive knowledge of London and regional music venues, CRC provides a real alternative to BBC Resources, often at a considerable cost saving. Whilst our carry-in rigs are ideal for smaller venues and chamber music, our largest rig will comfortably cover an event on the scale of Mahler’s Symphony No.8 in the Royal Festival Hall. 

BBC RadioOur standard equipment includes a small scale PA system suitable for an on-stage announcer and full cue programme and talkback facilities to BBC specifications. We are familiar with the specific needs of broadcast balances such as over-controlling and mono compatibility, and can provide analogue or digital feeds to TV scanners or satellite up-link trucks. Our multiple rigs are an ideal solution for music festivals where two venues have to be covered on the same day and we have a portable recording kit for location interviews. All our staff are trained in first aid and we are fully compliant with current Health and Safety requirements.

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