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CD Extra & Enhanced CDs Menu page from a CD-Extra

A CD-Extra, often referred to as enhanced or mixed-mode CD, is effectively two discs in one – half CD-Audio to play in your Hi-Fi and half CD-Rom to use in a computer.

The CD-Audio sector is exactly the same as a conventional audio disc with up to 99 tracks and full subcode data. This is the only part of the disc that can be read by a Hi-Fi CD player. The CD-Rom sector is read by Windows PCs and gives access to a wealth of additional information ranging from photographs and video clips to extended programme notes and external hyperlinks. For text and graphics we use the Adobe Acrobat or .pdf format to create sophisticated indexed page layouts that are ideal for both on-screen viewing and for printout. Most modern PCs have a reader for .pdf files installed but just in case we include a fully licenced installation of Adobe Reader on each disc. We also include a compressed version of the complete audio CD in Windows Media format for playback on the computer whilst browsing the other content (this avoids a common problem where the computer CD drive is not able to access both the audio and data sectors of the disc at the same time).

With a fully customisable menu system we can use CD-Extra to provide added value to audio CDs in many ways:

  • Concert recordings can include a complete copy of the concert program as well as photographs of the performance.
  • Demonstration CDs can include video, photographs and extended biographical information for agents and concert promoters as well as links to an artists website.
  • Session CDs can include extended programme notes and libretti in several languages – normally prohibited by printing costs.
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