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CD-R Duplication CDs on spindles

Most people are now familiar with CD-Rs or recordable CDs for copying music or data on a home PC.

There are several different types of CD-R aimed at different uses – for audio CD duplication we use a Diamond disc which we have found to have a long life and to be the most reliable disc for replay in domestic Hi-Fi. It looks just like a manufactured CD – silver on the playing side (many CD-Rs are either blue, green or gold in colour) and has a white or silver label side on which we print in full colour with a special on-body disc printer. The maximum playing time is 80 minutes and although our duplication equipment is capable of running at 40x (in other words a complete CD can be written in less than two minutes) all our duplication is done at 12x, which produces a very high quality copy with extremely low error rates.

It is important to understand that recordable CDs had not been dreamt of when the CD format was specified in the 1980s. For a domestic Hi-Fi to replay a CD-R it is operating right at the limit of its ability to recover the data from the disc and there are sometimes instances when part or all of a disc will appear unplayable on one machine but will work fine in another player. The risk of this is minimised by the use of slower 12x record speeds and the Diamond stock.

CD-R duplication is ideal for short runs of discs up to about 500 copies, or for titles that will be re-ordered in small batches. They can be combined with all types of desktop or commercially printed artwork and packed in jewel cases or plastic wallets.  Duplication orders can usually be completed within a few days depending on the artwork requirements.

Rates vary depending on the quantity and artwork required – see our rate card for details.

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