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CD Production CD/DVD manufacture

Since its introduction, the Compact Disc (CD) has been widely accepted as the best medium for the reproduction of high-fidelity music in the home.

The system relies upon a method of converting analogue wave-forms into digital data, called Pulse Code Modulation (PCM). This was first conceived in Paris in 1937, but had to await the invention and development of the transistor and integrated circuit in the 1950s and '60s before it could be realised. The first commercial PCM recorders were available in 1972 and used a variety of tapes to store the data. It was a further 10 years before the first domestic CD machine was produced by Philips in October 1982.

It wasn’t until 1994 that the first recordable compact discs (CD-Rs) became available and these are now standard equipment in almost every personal computer sold.

There are fundamental differences in the technology that is behind CDs and CD-Rs although they can generally be read by the same devices. CDs are manufactured in a “stamping” process not dissimilar from the way vinyl LPs were made, whereas CD-Rs must be individually recorded from beginning to end, albeit at high speed - [CD-R DUPLICATION] [CD MANUFACTURE]

A CD or CD-R is read from the centre out and contains not only the music data, but also information known as PQ code which allows the player to locate the start, end and duration of each track. Each disc can have a maximum of 99 tracks and a total duration of about 80 minutes.

We can also produce special type of enhamced CD called a CD-Extra which contains data accessible on a computer as well as audio for a CD player - [CD EXTRA]

Each CD comes with its own type of printed design or artwork which can be either desktop printed or commercially printed depending on the requirements - [ARTWORK]

We offer a range of CD Production packages that include everything from the recording sessions to the finished product - [CD PRODUCTION PACKAGES]

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